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Mark Knight

Dr. Mark Knight

Dr. Mark Knight

Photographer : Scientist

Mark began photographing people before the turn of the century, with a particular eye for unique expressions and momentous moments.

Starting with a homebuilt dark room and an old single-lens reflex camera, Mark rapidly developed an interest in the newly emerging realm of digital image capture and retouching. 

Over the past few years Mark has captured the personalities of  scientists, actors, and chocolate artisans in both Amsterdam and Los Angeles. His photographs have appeared in magazines, won contests, and become treasured family memories.           

Today, Mark is based in the quaint heart of El Segundo, California. He specializes in photography of lifestyles, dance, and  wilderness exploration.

If you're interested in booking a shoot, or would just like to reach out, feel free to contact Mark either via the contact form or at mark@drknightphotography.com.

Why the 'Dr.'?

In between photography sessions, Mark earned his doctorate degree at Rice University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research focused on nanophotonics, which is the study of light/matter interactions. It's just like photography - but the subjects are a billion times smaller! 

Mark continues his research as a professional scientist within  Northrop Grumman's NG Next division during the day... but emerges with a camera whenever the lasers are off.