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Mark Knight

Dr. Mark Knight

Dr. Mark Knight

Photographer : Scientist

About Mark

Mark's photography career began two decades ago, soaked in developer and wrapped in hand-wound rolls of film. As digital technology emerged, Mark rode the cutting edge of the possible - testing what concepts the newest equipment enabled. Today, Mark is busy capturing the unique personalities, movies, and events of the Beach Cities and Hollywood.

His photographs have appeared in magazines, won contests, and become treasured family memories.           

If you're interested in booking a photography session, or would just like to reach out, feel free to contact Mark either via the contact form or at mark@drknightphotography.com.

Session Style

Each session starts with establishing a spirit of collaboration, and a mutual search for the perfect image. Mark's process is high energy, iterative, and founded in a deep technical understanding of photography's hardware and history.

Why the 'Dr.'?

In between photography sessions, Mark earned his doctorate degree at Rice University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and subsequently conducted postdoctoral work at the AMOLF institute in Amsterdam. His research focuses on optically tuned  nanostructures and nanocomposites.  

Today, Mark continues his research as a professional scientist within  Northrop Grumman's NG Next Basic Research division. 

You can see his research output and interests on Google Scholar.

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